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Mazenod College Victoria

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Mazenod College is an all boys' School based in Victoria's South-east, with a strong foundation in community and quality eduction.

The challenge was to give them an online presence that bolstered their offline community of staff, students and alumni, as well as elevate their overall brand presence. With such a complex wish-list of features, it was critical to complete the vast amount of research needed in order to manage all the elements and expectations, whilst still delivering value.

Working with the College, we were able to distill their identity down to its core values and components, which we used to lay the foundations for a more structured and compelling system moving forward.

Understanding the challenges.

We conducted surveys with everyone from parents, to students and old boys, and anyone who we thought should have their say.

The results were revealing.

"It's too hard to navigate..."
"Few staff are engaged"
"The entire website is old and outdated."

"Going onto the website with your phone might not even be worth it due to the difficulty of exploration and navigation."

"More pictures. Larger fonts. Updated front page please..."

Creating something with longevity and simplicity was ultimately the key to success on this project. It was not enough that it should 'look' better than it did—it had to work and be simple for everyone to use.

Navigating freely.

After nearly 10 years, the website had become difficult to navigate. Pages had been added with little regard for how they functioned as part of the whole.

Simple issues presented needless challenges for the site’s visitors—the font size was too small, there wasn't enough colour contrast, and links weren't easy enough to recognise.

Simplifying the structure.

Together we condensed 10 categories and over 150+ pages to fall into 4 major parent categories.

Understanding what was important—and what was not—was crucial for creating the gateway that new parents needed. The gateway that would better help them understand the College.

Re-thinking imagery was just as important as rethinking copy.

A series of new images was commissioned to showcase the students in their environment, and which complimented the new copy written for the site.

We wanted natural, simple photos of kids being kids and having fun.

Mapping the site.

With a simplified, and more accessible sitemap in place, it was important to understand user flow through the site.

This was a crucial stage and took a lot of time to get right—the most common navigation paths needed to be identified, and then thoroughly tested and refined.

True to their nature, the wireframes were kept simple, and 'undesigned'. It helped focus everyone's attention on the content and the flow through the site, rather than its appearance.

Mobile ready

We knew that potential parents were likely to shop around—we also knew that a lot of this was happening in the evening, at home, on the couch and on the phone.

Tailoring the experience for each scenario was designed to increase engagement, and ultimately more College enrolments.

'Bounce rate'

In the first week alone, we saw a large decrease in people 'bouncing' away from the mobile site in frustration or an inability to navigate properly.


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