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Print and Digital

Porsche Centre Melbourne

During my agency time, I was lucky enough to work on a variety of publications for Porsche Australia and Porsche Centre Melbourne.

The flagship publication for Porsche Melbourne was their official magazine, 'Torque', and I was heavily involved in its production on two occasions in the capacity of Finished Artist.

Australia Post

At my time with Andrew Hogg Design, I designed a series of stamps to commemorate the 'Centenary of WW1'. We were commissioned to produce the set for 1916, and chose to colourise a series of contemporary war photographs.

The entire series of stamps is ongoing, and celebrates the hardships Australians endured during the First World War that shaped our nation's character.

Various elements of this project were in place before we took on the commission, such as the 1914–1918 poppy logo, which we took great care to incorporate tastefully into the designs.


The Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association is the leading industry body representing Antique and Fine Art dealers in Australia

Each year, they put on a fair in both Sydney and here in Melbourne, which required a ticketing system, gala invitation animated banners and various print collateral.

Jeanine and Dominic

Two of my favourite people in the world got married a couple of years ago, and it was my absolute pleasure to proudce their wedding stationery.

They have an aesthetic completely like my own; minimalist, simple and beautiful. They didn't want any fuss—just black and white simplicity.

We went with a simple monogram of their initials, and foil-stamped their invite with a hit of silver.

Maxine McKew

A very simple one-page site, I recently developed this profile site for Maxine McKew, an author and Hon Enterprise Professor of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.

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Infraco Systems

Infraco Systems provides the infrastructure sectors of Energy, Rail and Industry with products and systems to improve reliability and safety and reduce whole of life costs. They needed a website that validated their business to their customers simply, and effectively.

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Australian Gas Services

Known at the time as 'Envestra', this annual report was inspired by the client brief, which sought introspection and review.

We 'went back to the drawing board' and commissioned a series of chalk portraits of the Company Management team. This was a bold direction that immediately struck a chord with their investors.

Judicial College of Victoria

Playing with an autumnal colour pallette, and using iconic, architectural photography from around the courts of Victoria, this annual report was designed to highlight the working environment of the Victorian Judiciary.

Rostrevor College

This identity refresh of a well-respected all-boys' college in Adelaide took place over the course of 6-8 months, and covered a variety of design disciplines.

The crest was completely re-drawn, and all the college houses, including two new houses, were freshly illustrated after many hours of heraldric research.


I've helped create a number of identities for small to medium businesses both here in Melbourne and in Adelaide.

Clients have ranged from B2B's, smaller startups and educational institutions.

I also designed the now internet famous, 'I couldn't kern less' shirt. You can now buy... ahem... slightly altered versions from websites all around the world. Or, if you like supporting creativity and the individual, you can still buy my original design here. That’s if you're into that ‘type’ of thing, of course.

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Mazenod College

Raising the bar on education in Victoria

Mazenod College is an all boys' School based in Victoria's South-east, with a strong foundation in community and quality eduction.

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