I Couldn't Kern Less

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Made in the now

Made in response to a breaking news story, I had to design both of these tees with only a few hours to spare before they were online and up for sale. Check them out here and here


Lost Children Reunification System

This project is the result of a year's research into the effects of short term separation anxiety on children who become temporarily separated from their parents at Major Public Events. The system was developed to address two main concerns:

1. The speed at which parents and children are reunited, and;
2. The stress and anxiety experienced by both parent and child

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More stuff coming in 2015. Stay tuned.

Milkman Packaging

The brief was to create a milk package that would appeal to the modern consumer, and to that end I created a smaller sized and more portable bottle. Inspiration was drawn from the age old milkman, who once stood for quality, convenience and above all for going that 'extra mile'. The final product is a no-fuss, cheeky take on good ol' fashioned milk.
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Meet the Mac Family Coming soon in 2015.

Meet the Mac Family

Coming soon in 2015.