A couple of weeks ago, my partner and I spent an all too rushed weekend up in Victoria's Grampians. Of course I took all my gear, getting up early on the Saturday to indulge myself in a bit of early morning snapping. It's easy to forget how wild and untamed some parts of Australia are, and from our rickety shack which we had hired, this was plainly evident.

The must while you're up here is Mackenzie falls, which although spectacular, was still recovering from some nasty bushfires from earlier in the year. Amongst all the illegal swimming that was taking place, I managed to get a semi-decent midday shot.

Anyway, here are some of the snaps I managed to get. If you use Airbnb, (which you definitely should be doing), then I highly recommend staying in the cabin we hired– here's the link. Just make sure you ask Wendy for some of her delicious crabapple jam she made for us. Do it nicely, and she might give you some to take home!